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Theme Packs Changes

When I press menu item: Add, remove, swap your theme packs, premium options, and channels.Only 8 of my 11 theme packs show up????

birnit by Just Moved In
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TV channels missing one of best channels TLN

So we are new customers and the channel line up is poor, a great Canadian channel TLN is missing, the other cooking channels are a joke, nothing but a game show, TLN you actually learn to cook by talented people!!! Get this channel back for the peopl...

Drummer1 by Just Moved In
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Telus Billing after Migration

I am not sure why the move from copper to fibre necessitated a change in billing since the services are the same and we are being billed for services, not a change to their hardware transmission. I have not received my current bill yet which should b...

PVR recordings are skipping

Help! Every single one of my recordings just skips. I have to rewind and then sometimes it won’t skip for a few more minutes, other times I’ve just deleted them because I couldn’t get through. I have tried resetting, unplugging and I even got two new...

Ultimate sports premium pick

I'm considering moving from Shaw to Telus as I have fibre wiring available. I see the Ultimate Sports option as a premium when choosing 4 or more theme packs on this channel selection guide, but it isn't as clear on the web pages describing the progr...

jdc_nv by Neighbour
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Piktv on apple tv constant stuttering

Recently we've have more trouble with the piktv app on our Apple tv where the audio is fine but the video stutters.. Can't even watch a hockey game properly. Any one know a fix?

780300605 by Just Moved In
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MOCA Vs Moving Box

Hi, I have a wireless box that has a really poor signal in my house and today it finally drove me to the point of doing something after having to restart it 10 times for my son. I have had this setup for years and today is the first one this poor (re...

gresh12 by Just Moved In
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I want to have Telus move my fiber optic line.

I want to move the fibre line from the back of my house to a service entrance mast on my rear lane garage.How do I get this done? The pure fibre team have been zero help thus far.

Bmct by Just Moved In
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Watching a recorded show and...

a few times when watching a recorded show, the recording ends before the show is finished. Is it a matter of having to set ALL recorded shows to end 15-30 minutes to ensure to get the full program?

Vicgal by Organizer
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NHL Centre Ice

Why is Telus and perhaps Shaw the only TV carriers not offering the NHL Centre Ice (Out-of-Market) French Package that only shows the Ottawa Senators and Montreal Canadiens out of market games. Priced at $60 per season during the season. Bell and Rog...

MarcQ by Just Moved In
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