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Netflix not working on Optik TV

My dad was trying to watch Netflix on our Optik TV boxes tonight, however, when he tuned into the channel and launched the app, it got stuck on a screen with a very dim Netflix logo for a minute, then it booted us out to the apps menu. Launched Netflix again from the apps menu, same thing happened again, dim logo for a minute then booted out to the apps screen. Is something not working with Netflix anymore?

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

What model of box does your dad have (best to check the underside) and how recently has Netflix worked? Does it have the '4K' logo on the front? If yes, it should be an Arris VIP5602 or 5662 or Technicolor UIW4001 or 8001. If it doesn't have the 4K logo and/or isn't one of these models, it is likely an older HD PVR or Digital Box. Netflix removed support for their app on HD boxes in July 2023. There would have been on-screen messaging and emails back in the spring and early summer. 


If he's on an HD box, he'll need to upgrade. If he's on a 4K box, I'd start with a reboot of modem, then PVR, then all boxes before calling tech support.

It’s one of the 4K boxes