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Resolved! Le HDMI switch a DVI

Après une panne de courant j'ai toujours le même problème

Daph by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Tv freezes every 15 seconds

watching after 15 seconds picture freezes go to different channel same thing. Reset box same issue.Any ideas

CraigTh by Just Moved In
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CAT5 Cable Damage

There is a damaged CAT5 cable that runs from the utility box to the living room and it is not possible to get 4k in that room, from that connection. This condo was built over four years ago, and there is also a cable from the utility box to the bedro...

wakie by Neighbour
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VIP5602W IR receiver

My wireless 4K box is now behind my TV and for the life of me I can’t locate the IR receiver on it to use my IR repeater. I can’t find any specs online. Any suggestions?

Cnty by Neighbour
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Resolved! Heat problem ?

Can this heat cause your live programs to "pixelate" ? Local live programs and CNN & MSNBC....only if it's live ? Or is it just my tv ?

Optik series recording

When recording a series, e.g Wimbledon Tennis 2021, the system does not capture subsequent events titled exactly the same, on the same channel, at the same, or any alternate time. Thus, one has to manually enter each event. In this case, early Wimble...

Lorca by Just Moved In
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Picture and sound quality

Why is it that I get significantly better sound and picture quality by using apps on my smart TV than I do from Telus - specifically Netflix and CTV Drama (Handmaid's Tale) but other apps as well?

Don42 by Just Moved In
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Intermittent PVR Issues

A few times this year, our PVR has completely stopped recording. Sometimes it is a couple days before we notice that nothing has recorded, although there are programs scheduled for recording. After I reboot the PVR and set top boxes it starts to reco...

beachgrrrl by Helpful Neighbour
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Can't access Optik TV Servies on website or app

I can access my Internet and Mobile fine but when I try to access my Optik TV to edit my packages it just says "Sorry, we could not retrieve your Telus TV services information, please try again later". Its been this way for months now with no change....

BWiens21 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Add a channel

How do I add a channel on my Optik tv