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My Slimline 2 remote doesn't work

My slimline 2 remote works to control volume and turn tv on/off but nothing else. I've gone through the steps to program with my LG TV and I assumed it worked, since initially I couldn't even do those two actions... now I can control volume and power...

jrd88 by Just Moved In
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Changing Theme Packs

Everytime I attempt to update and change my theme packs the app tells me there's a problem on there end and to try again at a later date. The web site just sits in limbo forever when I try. This has been happening since I got optik tv. I don't want t...

Sammibone by Just Moved In
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PVR Disappearing shows

Ok, I have shows that just disappear from my recordings. No it’s not a storage issue, it’s a vanishing act, I’m not deleting by accident. Has this happened to anyone else.

Drums by Just Moved In
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TV Box keeps reinitializing

Having a few issues with my TV that I’m hoping you can help with. When I turn on my TV, everything will be fine for a minute then my box will shut off and reinitialize. Takes about 5 minutes before it’s on again. Seems to happen if the TV has been of...

Drewhill by Just Moved In
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komo not working

whenever we tune to Komo (ABC) channel 131, the channel works for about 30 seconds then goes to "Signal Lost" screen. other channels work what the heck is up with that particular channel.

jhorel by Just Moved In
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3 way splitter

Have a 2 way splitter in my Optik Tv system and would to change it to a 3 way. Any recommendations as to which one to use.

Resolved! Optik PVR not showing Netflix 4K UHD

Hello,I noticed that my PVR Netflix app simply doesn't show 4K UHD content. As in the label remains as "HD". I have the Netflix Premium account that provides 4k content.When I use my XBox's Netflix, I am able to get to the UHD content. So something i...