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Can i watch an episode on CRAVE?

I dont subscribe to CRAVE (i dont think) but I see episodes of Succession in the on demand area of Optik TV web app. If i watch an episode via CRAVE TV will i be charged extra and how much?

Seperating optik tv box power button with tv

What the title says. Is it possible? Its annoying when ur tv comes on but ur boz doesnt. And also prevent it from turning my speaker off as well. Need it to keep stay on but want to keep one remote to change volume most of time

hmlee by Just Moved In
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Equipment returns

I returned some equipment to Telus in July 2021 and it still hasn't arrived . Its being held at recipients request by Canada Post. So this is a bit extreme NO? I mean on hold for six months? I can understand a delay with covid and everything but six ...

Cyrus by Organizer
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slimline 2 model 2774 remote codes for Sony ZR-55A90J OLED

Have tried the extended code list. Can't find a code that will control volume on TV. Also can't find how to change the input on the TV from the remote. Ant suggestions?I've also tried programming the Sony remote to control the Telus set-up box. The T...

Resolved! Can you change the channel lineup on the guide?

I just moved my TV service to Optik from Shaw Direct I have to say I find the guide not as user friendly I don't like scrolling through excess channels. Can I change a setting so that I only see channels that I am signed up for?

Noupix by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Remote codes for Sony Bravia TV

Anyone have Slimline 2 codes that work on a Sony KD75X85J tv? The TELUS site doesn't recognize the new TV and the existing codes don't work. Closest I got was one that would turn off the tv, but won't turn it back on.Thanks.

shovhd by Just Moved In
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For the last few days every time I try to watch a show on Netflix it closes. I can watch it on the web, through Firestick and other devices and options but when I try to watch through the Optic channel it will not work.

Grmpybr by Just Moved In
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I'm a senior and want to lower my bill costs.

I have internet and optik TV service but I'm also a senior that's being charged 144.00 per month. How can I lower my bill cause I am finding the cost is too much for me!

Kate5552 by Just Moved In
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Wireless Optik TV box

My wireless box keeps rebooting every 8 to 10 hours or so and I can’t figure out why? I am just watching Cr@ve Tv shows while this happens or live tv so not a Netflix thing. Anyone else have this happen and have a solution?

paula930 by Just Moved In
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No sound for some channels with new Soundbar.

Hi - I just installed a new Samsung Soundbar A650. Everything works...except...when I go to watch Crave on Demand, Netflix or Prime there is no sound. All other channels work fine. It's so strange. I have tested it by using my iPad and running these ...