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Optik Tv go on MyTelus

Hiya neighbours! I have only just gotten Optik TV. To test it out and get a little feel I have opted for the Basics + Pick 5. Mmm well there's a couple channels that I want to change already.. From every how to and forum I've looked at, they all point to MyTelus.. However, MyTelus regardless of app or browser is not populating my TV package. I get a big ol' "sorry we can't connect to the server, please try again later". Very frustrating indeed, and I very much don't want to call client care every month when I want to swap out a channel... or my overall package. ((Yes my app is up to date, and no it's not an old phone or browser I'm using, and yes I've logged in/out multiple times)).
Anyone know of a fix for this???

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks!

Okay thank you!