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wireless digital TV box keeps freezing

We had Telus TV/Internet installed for a couple of weeks. Everything is good except the performance of the wireless digital TV box (secondary to the main wired box). It freezes randomly, happening after watching 3 minutes to half an hour. More likely...

Resolved! On Demand Coupons

I have been given three on demand coupons. They are active and not expired, yet every time I try to rent a movie, it says “the purchase could not be completed due to insufficient credit available.” What is going on?

jamesBOND by Just Moved In
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Manage My Optik Account

Went onto Optik TV page and clicked on Manage My Account and it comes up blank so I cannot observe my Optik Account and/or make changes to my Theme paks. So does anyone know if Telus is having a blank moment in their Web Design Department ? Also Chat...

Skipperr by Organizer
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Extending Wireless Range for Optik TV Wireless STB

Hi, I currently have Optik TV using the wireless set top boxes. One of them has poor range to where the Telus wireless hub is and running a cable through the house is not feasible. From my understanding, it's not possible to have the STB connect to m...

Turning TV off using Alexa

When I use Alexa to turn off the tv :Alexa, Turn off Living Room TV". it only goes to the green Optic Screen asking to press OK to continue watching. Can I get Alexa to actually turn off the TV?

Legend45 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Fox News should be a stand alone channel.

Fox News promotes hate, is pro guns, pro white supremacy, anti-democracy, I shouldn't have to pay for that. I am not anti-free speech but I shouldn't have to pay for the propaganda that channel spread.

pperalta by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Accessing Optik content away from TV

I downloaded the app on my iPhone 12, inputted my Telus login info and authentication failed. Am I missing something As well, I have searched but... can I not access content on my laptop? like with Shaw's bluecurve? This all seems really clunky....

Noupix by Friendly Neighbour
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Channel Programming

I’m curious why so many channels have a week of the same program on? Whether it’s this full weeks installment of Investigation Discovery’s On the case with Paula Zahn or last months full week of Discovery’s Dr. Pol. Why is this the only thing you’ll ...

cilla7 by Just Moved In
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Can i watch an episode on CRAVE?

I dont subscribe to CRAVE (i dont think) but I see episodes of Succession in the on demand area of Optik TV web app. If i watch an episode via CRAVE TV will i be charged extra and how much?

Seperating optik tv box power button with tv

What the title says. Is it possible? Its annoying when ur tv comes on but ur boz doesnt. And also prevent it from turning my speaker off as well. Need it to keep stay on but want to keep one remote to change volume most of time

hmlee by Just Moved In
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