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Apple TV+ on new Optik boxes


Does Apple TV+ and Disney+ work on the new android OptikTV boxes?  I just upgraded my channel packages only to find that neither of these channels (apps) works on my current OptikTV 4K box.  Well bleep bleep I added these channels to my lineup precisely so I wouldn't have to use another device to actually watch them.  From reading all the posts about the new android boxes I should stay far far away from them for now.  So it turns out that all that I managed to accomplish was to pay Telus directly for AppleTV + and Disney+, rather than Apple and Disney.  But I can't actually watch them on any Telus equipment?  Bizarre.


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Yes, you can access Apple TV+ and Disney+ on the new TELUS TV Digital Box (among thousands of other apps available from the Google Play Store for Android TV). There are pros and cons to both the legacy and the new equipment but I personally love access to all of these streaming services on one device, as well as being able to search for shows in one UI across the apps that I use. 


do you see apps button on the remote? press it and choose Apple TV, log in once and you are set. Same for Disney.

I have and use Disney+. So I do not know what your issue is about if you are using the TelusTV-21T box. There was another poster here that wanted to continue to use an apple product and that was not working. apple and android do not mix. But the tuner will tune apple+

I don't have the new TelusTV-21T box.  That was sort of my point that you can't access Apple TV+ or Disney+ if you have the older equipment and it is not obvious from the signup material for the new Stream+ that you need the new box if you want to watch those streams via OptikTV.


Then WHY did you title the thread new optik box???