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TelusTVPlus: Playback Error - Sorry an Error has Occurred. Please Try Again


There's a new issue with your TelusTVPlus application (windows 11) when watching recordings.


If there's an interruption in the playback of the recording... 

   . Start play on recording 

   . Hit pause

   . Walk away

   . Eventually, the recording will time out and TelusTVPlus will fall back to the home screen.

   . Restarting the recording will result in a "Playback Error - Sorry an Error has Occurred. Please Try Again.

I no longer have the ability to view the recording on the browser I started the play on (even after many attempts).


However, I can start a new, different, browser (i.e. go from Edge to Chrome) and I can then watch the recording fine.

If the new browser times out, I confirmed I will encounter the same issue again.

I'm guessing if a cookie isn't stored properly (because the timeout), your application is failing to properly process the bad information when restarting the play.  

Best solutions:

1. Optimal: When a timeout occurs, store the position of the recording prior to falling back to the home screen.

2. Sub-Optimal: When starting playback and the stored position is  bad, fall back to the beginning of the recording.



This may also be a clue, but I noticed recently that replay position is not retained between my TelusTV21 box and TelusTVPlus.   If I watch a program on the android TV box for an hour, when I try to resume it on TelusTVPLus (windows 11), I'm always forced back to the beginning.   This used to work a couple of months ago.


Noticed I spelled Occurred incorrectly.



When play stops have you tried pressing 30 sec forward. That gets it going sometime after multiple press.

In this case the TelusTVPlus app can't actually start the recording when the error shows. 

There are no options available to skip forward or back.   [I know what you are referring to - where there's a glitch in the middle of a recording being played, sometimes you can jump over the glitch to continue watching.]


Manually selecting a point in the playback timebar doesn't do anything and neither does the pause icon in the lower left.