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Archiving PVR - usage of USB port?

I have read earlier posts concerning activating the USB port on the ISB7150 PVR unit to archive the recordings to an external hard drive; this was dated 2014. In a later post Telus had indicated that the USB port activation for this purpose was under...

Dariusun by Neighbour
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Optik tv and third party networking equipment

Hi guys, Has anyone had any luck with ubiquiti gear and optik? I already know that we need to allow the optik multicast packets, but has anyone figured out which IP ranges they are using for Edmonton, as I also need to allow those through the firewal...

chall2k5 by Just Moved In
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iPad - Optik TV and Internet Promo (Shipping?)

Hi, over the weekend I signed up for the Optik TV and internet promotion Telus was offering where you get an iPad for free. The Optik TV stuff came today, but I’m just wondering if anyone knew how long it would take for the iPad to arrive. Thanks!

Resolved! No audio to sound bar

I'm unable to get any audio from my sound bar (Polk Audio soundbar 4000). The speaker is connected to the TV by optical audio out port. This is the only option as the sound bar does not have HDMI. I have tested the soundbar on other smart TV and the ...

DaveB73 by Just Moved In
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No picture

Hi why there’s no picture on my Optik tv

Marl1976 by Just Moved In
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Optik TV Wireless Boxes

I currently have the Optik 4K PVR and 4K wireless box, if I purchase an older HD wireless box from someone will I be able to connect it? will PVR's set to record to the 4K PVR transfer to it?

No picture on tv

Have connected slimeline 2 remote with tv and can turn tv on/off but to picture available

Benjen by Neighbour
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Picture quality

Does anyone else have pixilation problems with Potok tv?

Lola1 by Just Moved In
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