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Telus TV + cloud pvr

Recording ends before the program ends and automatically goes to the next recording. When are changes coming to extend the length of the recording.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Extending recording length is definitely on our team's roadmap, and they're actively working on it for a future release!

Can you provide a date when the next update is scheduled for?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Unfortunately don't have a date for that at this moment.

Do you know if this will allow you to contract recording times as well?


In BC on ch 104, Global Morning News is on from 6 to 9am.  If I only want the 7-8am part of it, could I set it to record that series (or set Mon-Fri since I'm not sure series recording works for that news program that doesn't have episode numbers) but start 55 mins late, and end 55 minutes early?