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Does the box have a camera somewhere?
There is a convenient guide icon on the Android TV app's home screen in the top right, but not on the Telus 21T box. Is there some way to enable it or get rid of the Notification bell when there aren't any notifications so there is room for it? 
I can go all the way to Settings and scroll down to Exit, but that is a lot to do each time I want to exit. I can't just turn off the TV because there is no way to stop the stream in the background from playing, which would waste a lot of bandwidth i...
Some channels have a Home icon in them and you can't watch them on the website telustvplus unless you are at home. I am at home on my Telus internet account (it is the only internet I have) using a Windows web browser. What can I do?   
Can you fast forward and rewind while a recording is still in progress?  If it is 30 minutes in of a 60 minute program, can you start watching it and ff/rewind within the first 30 minutes? Can you go back and replay something in live tv like on hard ...