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Volume Control


Using an Optik TV-21T box with a Monitor type TV, so no tuner and no internal speakers, HDMI cable hook up


Monitor has optical audio out but its fixed not variable same as the Telus box's optical out

Monitor has analog audio out but no sound transfer from digital HDMI signal

Monitor's remote has no volume control buttons in any case


I am using an HDMI audio extractor hooked to an amplifier with no IR volume control for speakers

Telus remote works OK for volume up/down until I program it for TV on/off, then I lose variable volume control

Is there a way to set Telus TV box/remote as default audio control while keeping TV on/off function






Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @RonD to my understanding your remote should work for both. Have you contacted our technical support team for assistance?


No, I haven't got thru to tech support yet


From other posts in this forum, and my experience with my other regular TVs, as soon as you program the remote for a TV brand/model the remote's volume buttons default to that TV brands IR commands, so no longer sends Telus box volume up/down commands


I doubt many people would ever run into this issue, most would be using IR controlled Home Theater Amplifier with a Monitor type TV, and that can be programmed

But didn't see an Optik code to reset volume back to Optik box while leaving the TV on/off as is


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @RonD , this is outside of our support, but perhaps you can try the following to see if it will work:

1. Hold Input and Left on the DPad for 3 Seconds
2. LED on remote should be solid green
3. Press OK
4. LED on remote should blink white, green, white, green
That command locks the volume control to the STB