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Program new Pvr remote

Looking for instructions on programming new remote. Can only find older versions so far.

Kaleden by Just Moved In
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Optik TV on Xbox 360

Got an email from Telus today telling me Xbox 360 Optik TV will no longer be supported on Xbox 360. A question: If I still have a valid xbox 360 with the optic app will it keep working? Obviously there will be no new swaps if an xbox breaks and you a...

jdowsett by Advocate
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PVR auto shutoff???

I would like to keep my tv on when I am away to give some noise for my puppy until I return. I have done this a few times and each time when I get home I see NO SIGNAL on my tv - it appears that the PVR box has shut off and my puppy is left in total ...

sammysjeep by Helpful Neighbour
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Setting Reminders

When I was convinced to change over to Telus for my internet and TV I wash assured that the service was way better than Shaw. I told my Telus Rep that the reason I wanted to leave Shaw was because I was so tired of not being able to set reminders wit...

Edinagal by Just Moved In
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Volume control

When I adjust volume up or down... I get click click click... How do I turn it off Tnx in advance

Is it okay that my main Optik box is never used?

We have 3 Tvs in our house, but only use 2 of them. Due to the downstairs one being closest to the computer, the telus installer used that TV as the one to place the main box on. We NEVER use that TV.We have had our PVR "go offline" and lose all our ...

Cpachan by Just Moved In
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Optik on the go

Tried to install Optik on the go onto my Android. Won't install because my device is rooted. Does anyone know why Telus has set it up this way? What are the concerns for rooted devices.

mtn by Advisor
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Need help pairing PVR remote to TV

Hello, I have a Sharp Aquos and Optik PVR. The PVR remote has been paired to the TV since I subscribed to Telus ~7 years ago. Today, all of a sudden the remote has lost it's pairing and I cannot get it set up. I've tried:1. Hold TV and OK > buttons b...

supe by Just Moved In
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Useless Recordings

I am sick of going to my recorded shows only to find them completely pixelated with random audio. I'm running the main PVR via Cat6, with 2 wireless boxes only installed a couple months ago.Is this a firmware issue?Is this a bandwidth issue?is this a...

jumpship by Friendly Neighbour
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