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Resolved! optik tv internet speed

I just got OPTIK TV installed with internet 15 . I have tried to download from 3 different websites and they are downloading at 1.9 MB/s . I should be getting better than that ... I contacted tech support and chat but no satisfactory answer . I am de...

bboirav by Neighbour
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Resolved! optic TV and internet

What is the difference between the v1000 router and the t1200 router??is there a big difference?is the 1200 dual band?

rayrayjj by Rockstar
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optic tv

Can someone tell me the difference between the new 1200 rouder to the v1000 ?

rayrayjj by Rockstar
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Resolved! optic tv

I am new to Telus optic TV and I love it,I kept my shaw direct hooked up to see the difference in pictures and I have to say optic is as good if not better,so I called shaw to cancel my services and they put me on hold for an hour maybe thinking I wo...

rayrayjj by Rockstar
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Resolved! Homeland

Is the series Homeland available on TELUS tv? What channel please? Looking for season 4

Bmattson by Just Moved In
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new to optik, question

noticed tonight when I hit record upstairs it turned off grandma's show downstairs. (have 3+1) didn't notice another recording was on. always thought it would give me a warning but it didn't. is there a setting I can change so it will give a warning?

optik tv set top box

on one stb the recordings pause every few seconds on playback. tried reseting box and still issue

Satellite T V

I have satellite T V -- not hooked up yet. I have the wall jack and the receiver. Can I use my T V set anywhere in my house ?

cage by Just Moved In
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