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Telus optik tv box reset

Just Moved In
So I recently moved my Optik PVR box upstairs and when I set it up it kept getting stuck on "your telus optik tv box is initializing it'll only take a moment" I read somewhere on here then if you unplug it four times it does a soft reset. So I proceeded to do that and a single gear came up on the screen with a loading bar and after 5-10 minutes a red x comes across the screen. The link and record lights flash when this happens. One more thing when the gear comes in the screen none of the lights are on but the other two boxes in my house are working fine.

Thank you


Community Power User
Community Power User

You'll get the initializing message on screen endlessly when the box has no internet. The "soft reset" requires an internet connection. Your box did not have one in the new location you moved it to. A red X means you now need to replace the box. The reset is a last resort option and should not be done randomly without properly troubleshooting the box first.

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