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Resolved! Telus Mobile Internet Plans Needs Upgrading?

Hey Telus,I am a rural customer with no services in our area other than LTE TOWERS. We currently have Mobile internet through another company but the overages are outrageous. Paying around $260 for 100GB.I noticed that your company offers 500GB plan ...

Resolved! Overcharged bill - charged twice

So I recieved my Telus bill, and it was an outstanding 320 dollars?! I knew this couldnt be possible and checked to see why! The bill stated that I had 209 unpaid dollars from my last bill, which I HAD PAID and I have the receipt for, I have been cha...

Ansh15 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Block text msgs

How can I block texts without Telus still counting it as usage? If it takes blocking this person's calls too, at this point I have no problem also. It's the only one who sends repetitive texts - and then sends emoji as separate texts and rarely answe...

CelLuna by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Picture via Text Fail

Greetings! I am a week into my new Pixel 2 XL on Telus and am having an issue. Seems that when I send a picture via text to some Iphone users they do not receive it though it shows as sent on my device. I have figured out that it seems to be Rogers c...


Hi. We are a family of 3 moving from Toronto to Edmonton. We are wondering if there is any way we can order or process a subscription online and on the day we arrive in Edmonton (which is the 29th of March) we can just pick up our SIM cards or have a...