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Telus Connect Tablet Contract Penalties?

Just Moved In

Hey guys,


I have a question about the Telus Connect Tablet Contract. I currently have an bring-your-own-device unlimited mobile plan that allows for data pooling between devices. I am able to attach a $10 Telus connect tablet line to pool from that data.


I noticed when searching the website, that I am able to get that line on a contract and get a tablet with it. However, the Telus Connect tablet plan states that in order for the connect plan to be active, you would need your mobile line to be active.


Does that mean that if for example Telus hikes the prices of my BYOD plan, or if I find a better deal for my phone plan and want to leave, I am forced to pay the cancellation penalty for the tablet contract? In essence the tablet contract would lock both my tablet plan AND my mobile plan into a contract right? That seems like a horrible deal for tablets that aren't even discounted.


Can someone confirm if it would tie down my mobile plan or that in the event I leave Telus for another carrier, my tablet line would not be charged with a termination fee/device penalty?


Community Power User
Community Power User

To my understanding, you are making payments on the tablet (you don’t buy it outright). If so there would be a requirement to at least pay out the rest of the value of the tablet. You would need to look at the cost of the termination fee to arrive at a decision.


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