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E sim vs physical sim

the **bleep** is the point in getting an Esim if i have to wait for it to ship i might as well buy a physical sim card they both need shipping so wtf, i bought a plan think and E sim would be an electronic **bleep**ing sim card why would they not ema...

Resolved! Unlimited Canada US Mexico

Are calls from Mexico to Canada included in the unlimited Canada US Mexico plan? It is not listed as included in the plan but Mexico to US is.

ginuwine by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Does Telus ship locally when possible?

I got my Shipping Confirmation for my BYOD SIM card on April 1st, and Canada Post says it’s 2 days locally, 3 days provincial, and 4days national. Does the local Telus location for the region of the recipient do the shipping (whenever possible), so t...

Samsung Galaxy one UI 6.1 update

Does anyone or even does Telus have a idea or guess on when out s23 series phones from Telus will get the 6.1 one UI update Samsung has pushed the update out now it's just of to Telus to push it to us.

A need for clarity with representatives.

I'm starting to seriously regret my decision to switch from Rogers to Telus and it's a combination of customer service and network coverage. First off, I was horribly mislead when I got my services back in December, I got a Pixel 8Pro with a pixel wa...

Travel to US with Unlimited CAN-US 100 5G+ plan

Hi, I'm planning a trip to US (Las Vegas) and I currently have the "Unlimited CAN-US 100 5G+" monthly plan. I want to confirm, if I should keep "Mobile Networks" setting as having my "Data roaming" on or off? I understand that with this plan, I shoul...

hj2 by Just Moved In
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Texts sometimes don't send or receive

Hi,Switched to Telus in August 2023. Since that time, there will often be times where texts don't send or receive. Three phones on the account, all different phones, same issue. Happens at home, office, wherever. I have tried the suggested troublesho...

RS33 by Friendly Neighbour
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