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how do I top up my account


I signed up for a the Telus $15 a month plan and now have the following questions/misunderstandings.


1. I thought it was $15 dollars a month straight and simple. Now it has become more clear that is some sort of running balance, as I have a balance of $5 and I need to top up my account very month. Does that mean I only need to add $10 this month because I already have a $5 balance. 


2. How do I add money to my account. I am a Telus home customer and I thought my mobility would be able to be accessed via my home myTelus account, but when I log on I don't seem to be able to do anything with my mobility account.


3. When I purchased my plan with Telus, I found out that Telus also owns Koodo, My sister already had the same plan nd I was sure she had data as part of her plan. Further investigation seems to indicate that Telus $15 dollar plan doesn't have data but Koodo's $15 a month plan does, even they are owned by the same company. How does this make sense and if that is the way t is should I be leaving Telus and joining Koodo?



@glrider  You bought  a $15 a month ---30 days  you have to pay $15 every month. I have $100 ---365  and pay the $100 once a year. You can sync your prepaid with your house account and look at it there and do any changes or whatever else . You have to pay a little before end date of the 30 days or it will be shut down. There is no carry over of money 30 days is 30 days.

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Community Power User

1. I believe you can only top up in certain dollar amounts. Once you have enough credit carryover, you should be able to skip a top-up.

2. Prepaid is a separate login.

3. You get a small amount of data on the Koodo plan only if you set automatic top-ups.


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