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Resolved! Question on Wifi Calling on Samsung S9

I recently bought a S9 because I know it supports WiFi calling/texting(I'm with Telus). There is no cell service where I work, so Wifi calling/texting would be really convenient for me. Only thing, I'm at work now and it is not working on my phone.Wh...

Creepin_D by Just Moved In
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Resolved! using Easy Roam in Spain

I have signed up for Easy Roam. Last May I tried to use it in California and I found it wouldn't work. Now I am going to Spain. What am I missing?

FW1 by Just Moved In
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Price matching with other companies

I've seen and heard lots of extra mile loyalty plans being offered now, for example. A friend of mine gets unlimited everything and 6 gb of data for the same plan price as me. I've also seen 10 gb of data for $50. Will Telus match these loyalty promo...

Msiebert by Neighbour
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Resolved! Apple Watch series 4 non-Shared plan

When telus will offer Apple Watch non shared plan like Rogers and Bell ?I think lot of people intestesing Apple Watch series 4 but their plan(e.g. $60 10gb) not allow to add telus $10 1gb Apple Watch plan

5g fixed home services it's launching in the USA.. Are we getting close to a whole North American launch??#maybemidnovember

Resolved! Bad telus salesman info for S9 glass

Be aware! I just picked up my new S9 from cross iron mills in Calgary and was told I didn't need glass protection film on this new phone because the glass wouldn't scratch. WRONG! I did get a rather deep scratch within a week. Telus won't provide any...

Feedback by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Deactivate voicemail and use your own voicemail service

Without subscribing to Call Forward service, is it possible to deactivate the provided Voicemail and use a different number (VoIP for mp3 e-mail voicemail) for conditional forwarding (busy, no-answer, unreachable)? Are there any fees associated with ...

Jimmy2 by Just Moved In
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Visual Voicemail

When will visual voicemail be available on the Samsung S9+. It is strange that I cannot get it on one of your premier devices. Kind of disappointed

Corb by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Shady Telus... Mobile data disabled, still being charged usage!

I travel for work and while travelling, I purchase (and use) lots of data. I'm nearing my data limit, so I disabled my mobile data a few days ago, since I'm currently in a place where I get wifi. I'm still being charged for data usage. Furthermore, m...

omellil by Just Moved In
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