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Does Telus have a customer service email address???

I tried to make an account just to email them but ended up being unable to complete the registration as I don't actually have an account number (yet). Want to confirm some things before I actually become a customer..

Es by Just Moved In
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VoLTE beyond Western Canada

Good afternoon - I was wondering if Telus has an ETA on enabling VoLTE beyond Western Canada (ie. Quebec/Ontario)? Thank you.

xz by Neighbour
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Two seven dollar mobility charges

So I need telus to remove two seven dollar charges to my account. I was in the USA and came home to find these charges for one minute each. I figured out what happened and I think it's pretty sneaky of telus. I called my phone from my moms house phon...

Meshele by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Data Charges even though cellular data turned off.

Hoping someone can help. I set up a new Moto G3 on December 27th. I'm on the basic prepaid Talk and Messaging 10 plan. I don't want data on my phone and have turned cellular data off on the phone, (any updates to software ect. i do via my home wifi) ...

GForbes by Neighbour
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Resolved! WiFi Calling caused long distance charges

Hello there everyone. After I received the email from Telus, saying that the CRTC new requirements forced Telus to cancel Extend support, I found out that they now support WiFi Calling. I was really excited because Telus doesn't have full coverage of...

No service and dropped calls

***********TELUS**********We entered into a contract in November and had issues right away with Telus, no service/dropped calls/etc.....I drove into the Telus store here in Charlottetown approximately 10 days after entering into the shared data plan ...

How do you deal with Telus?

So a few weeks ago I decided to become a Telus customer (big mistake apparently). I ordered a phone online and was expecting a painless experience. So a few days later, the online order status says they need more information from me, and there is a p...

mike83838 by Just Moved In
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Phone unlocking

HelloActually i am planning to travel back home and i want to unlock my phone but its not been 90 days yet. So can you guys help me out , i have been with you guys from last 2 years and again extended your services as guys are reliable. Please help m...

Dildeep by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Data blocking

I requested to have 3 of 5 devices with data block enabled when setting up services on those numbers. They are for our kids and so I requested data block so they wouldn't use all the data. This did not happen because now I see we are almost at our li...

Tpaventi by Just Moved In
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