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My Telus app stuck loading when trying to link accounts

As above, running Android 9 (4.9.112) on Note 9. When pressing 'Link an account' on the menu, a new Activity opens and it gets stuck indefinitely with a loading icon. It eventually says 'Traffic is very heavy at the moment. It may take a little longe...

Scott91 by Just Moved In
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International phone plans

Does Telus or any other cel phone provider offer an international 30 day calling plan other than easy roam.

keenerboy by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Simple Share Plan Question

My wife and I both have Telus cell phones and we don't use much data at all. With the Simple Share 5 gig plan can the 2nd phone on a Family plan just subscribe to the $35 Talk & Text plan and share the 5 gig data from the first phone? I'm trying to r...

jrueger by Ambassador
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Resolved! Magic Calendar

Why am I getting email "175 prizes worth over $40,000 in total are up for grabs" when it is only for Quebec Residents. Why is it only for Quebec. Do customers in the rest of canada not count? *********************** Trouble viewing this email? View i...

JLM by Just Moved In
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Unlimited Nationwide Account Wide Calling

Hi, I have this feature on my plan but I was charged $25 for a 45 minute call from Toronto - BC so I am wondering if maybe I am interpreting the perk wrong.Thanks for your input

kryo by Just Moved In
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What is the point of the Loyalty dept

So yesterday I was offered by Freedom their 75 dollar plan, unlimited international txt and 15 Gigs.. I'm currently on the Telus Non Share 75 dollar plan.. Call in and speak to Loyalty after waiting over an hour and get told the only way we can help ...

mike76 by Organizer
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CAN/US plan 50go

When will telus match up competitor and offer a 50go can/us plan ? Tried to get it from 2 departement and they are still far behind...

Mike81 by Neighbour
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