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Outgoing Caller ID Name

Just Moved In

It is unacceptable that Telus mobility users that have either family or business plans with multiple devices cannot set an outgoing Caller ID Name individually for each device on the plan.


Currently, the only option Telus is offering is that only the Account Holder's name can be placed on all devices. This means that if children are on a plan, only their parent's name can be displayed. Likewise, on a business account, only the main Business Account's name will be displayed instead of employees being able to display their own names on their own phones.


It appears that there have been frequent complaints about this issue dating back years, and there still is no solution.  Telus has given the excuse that it cannot allow customization of Caller ID names to "prevent Caller ID spoofing." This is not a realistic concern. Rogers has had this feature available for years.


Please begin working on resolving this issue.


Just Moved In
Yes, this is definitely unacceptable in 2023 when every other service provider have it.