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# being held HOSTAGE.....

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Been at this for a while, hopefully someone can guide me in the right direction!

I have had the same cell number as long as I can remember.

My partner of 15 years suggested about 5 years ago to move my number to his plan.

Long story short... We had a falling out in July....he called Telus and changed it so he is the only person that can call/make changes etc. , also added a password. After that I could not see the bill or call...this number is tied to ALL of my accounts & emails (2 factor).

Iv called Telus and they basically s
told me that.... I DO own the number ....but I cannot transfer it without his permission.

He smashed my phone at one point and now conveniently "lost" my sim card. The phone is still active but he refuses to either:

Get a new sim, Call to transfer the number to a new sim I have...or even my last option call to change the voice-mail password because I forgot it and I could get the codes that way to access my accounts.

ANYONE??? feel free to ask questions if I left any info out 😞



Community Power User
Community Power User

Other than engaging the services of a lawyer, I’m unaware of any means to force this change. Without the support of the account holder, the telco can’t make changes to the account and release your number.

It’s sad to see your former partner is being so petty.

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