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iPhone delivery issue


ups sent me a roof of delivery of an iPhone. but i didn't get the phone, and certainly didn't sign for the phone. but the big issue is that telus does and investigation that can take up to 30 days to do. during that time i continue to charge me for the phone i didn't receive, hold my deposit, and only ship another phone if i pay for the first phone that's gone missing. 


so why does Telus hold a customer hostage to an issue between telus and up? 




Community Power User
Community Power User

Until it is resolved, it is an issue between all three parties. Once resolved in your favour, you will be made whole.


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Hello @rcercone

The above response didn't seem helpful at all to say the least.

Have you spoken to the escalations managers department of Telus? They are the highest of them all. When they send out a phone? They save the IMEI / SN on their systems. They can see if it has been used in ur account or not.

Explain you're situation and have them do the investigation. Also at the same time? Gold UPS responsible as well. Contact their head office and file a investigation. Everytime they drop something off? Their system records the location like a GPS. I know this as someone that works within UPS head office tracks these things.

I would let them know until this is resolved? They should not legally be charging you any amount until they figure out what's going on.

If you need any help with UP? DM me and I'll get in contact with the person I know and have them contact you.