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Suddenly no data on phone

Today out of nowhere I lost all data connectivity on my phone (OnePlus 9 Pro), I can still call and text without issue but can only get data through wifi. I spent a couple hours on with CS to see if they could figure it out and no dice. I have tried ...

EB3760 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! pay as you go

i have no credit card, i own an iphone 7 with sim card and have a data plan with telus monthly, i need a new phone i dont know if i qualify for getting on a monthly plan for a device and telus and google is not giving me answers, or what my other opt...

tee87 by Just Moved In
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Easy pay/bring it back

Little backstory first. My cousin had hooked me up a phone under his name, we just recently switched it over to my name. It was an easy pay/bring it back device. There was zero dollars remaining on the easy pay, and $570 dollars under the bring it ba...

Frlsldr by Just Moved In
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Resolved! assistance

Am I the only one getting the run around on purchasing a cell phone outright? Been chasing for answers for over a week. no one can help. Chased place to place - finally got an automated reply from Telus - clicked on the link supplied. It doesn't work...

noluck by Just Moved In
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HiMy friend has an iPhone 13 with bring in back option in Telus for 2 years with monthly payment for phone 0She is going to move in Europe permanentlyWhat should she do with device?Should she return it to telus or could she keep this device?

Archil228 by Just Moved In
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sending picture

for some reason I cannot send pictures via text I used to be able to but for some reason it stopped I followed everything here and that is all set correctly I a...

New plan can't add tablet online

Hi.I just signed up for a 100gb unlimited plan. I signed up through my employer promo. It allows tablet add on. However when I signed up I could only check out if I wanted to buy a device.Whenever I try to add a line it asks me for my info and then I...

Paedrig by Just Moved In
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iPhone 14 Pro Scam

I was called by what appears to be a legit call from telus to upgrade to an iphone 14 pro. I picked a colour and size of phone, but was given a service agreement for a different phone, which I received and sent back, but I still have the bill on my a...

Device Discount Balance

If I leavey contract in the middle, will I have to pay the total discount ammount from the beggining or just what is left of it. For example, I got 390$ in discount and now, it says I have 195$ left. Will I have to pay 195$ or 390$ of the discount ba...

Lost device ( telus wont help)

My 2 year bussiness plan was finishing and I started to get hundreds of calls from telus to renew with them. Long story short i got 5 lines with 5 phones.There where two tracking numbers and two boxes for the phones. One in one box (as it was new lin...

Zeek by Neighbour
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