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Pricing Discrepancies

I am learning quickly that this company refuses to honour their own advertisements. Instead I am being forced to prove it - something the end customer should never have to do. To see something I agreed to be so astronomically lower priced within mere...

aharris by Just Moved In
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Am I delusional?

I just signed up for two lines at $90/50GB.Yesterday I see it’s now going for $90/100GB.More than double for the same price? Ok, so I switch. Then today I see it advertised as $60. Am I losing it? After over an hour on chat and basically being told I...

aharris by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Is it a acam

Is 647-370-2858 or 416-787-4260 a Telus number. Received a promo call for 14 Pro Max for two year plan at $35, unltd Cdn & US calls and texts, 500 Intl minutes. Is this a scam?

Bbadke by Just Moved In
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Additional charge on my bill

I have a charge of $240 on my most recent bill for Easy Roam INTL (15 days). I didn't sign up for this service. Please remove charge. Thanks.

nmitchell by Just Moved In
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Roaming- Turn off on App gone. Telus's craven greed

So my family is in Europe for 2 weeks. I am having them each get a Euro Sim card at a cost of $6 for 2 weeks, as opposed to the colossal rip off that Telus would charge for those 2weeks of $225 (like how's that even possible). But in order to ensure ...

Hogan by Organizer
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Pixel 7 Pro - Why Only 128GB offered?

Long time Samsung user. I would love to renew my plan and try the Pixel phone out but it's only offered in 128Gb. Not sure why Telus even offers a flagship phone with such limited memory. Anyone hear if this is going to change?

Houli0 by Just Moved In
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Telus Wireless Home Phone Issues

Hello all, I have just installed the Telus ZTE WF723A wireless home phone and while it mainly works well, it has issues with some of the features. For instance, I cannot get Conference Call to work. I can talk to two different callers by switching ba...

NoSmoke by Friendly Neighbour
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Can't pick new device

Trying to upgrade my devices but get an error on Step 2 - Device Payment Options. I've tried two different browsers, clearing cache, consulting the virtual chat, emailing (telus doesn't support email anymore), and calling (which directed me to the mo...

td12 by Just Moved In
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