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Why is the message no recent activity this month when I check my account on app fro data usage and messaging.

Mme by Just Moved In
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Defective Device

I received a defective iPhone 14 Pro November 15 and I have spent hours and hours on chat, phone and in-store since it arrived trying to return my old device which was part of the return it program as well as get my new iPhone 14 Pro to work. I even ...

KM18 by Friendly Neighbour
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How to unlock an iphone 6s

I have an iphone 6s that is ancient. Was a customer of Telus for over 40 years, until today. I inserted the sim card from the new carrier and to my surprise the long paid for (8 years) phone is locked to Telus.Soooo I tried to chat and all I got was ...

bevhewitt by Just Moved In
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Bring it Back Program - a scam behind the scenes?

In response to someone’s post similar to my issue. I ordered an iPhone 15 pro online via the app and didn’t get a shipping label either. After thorough searching I read that I was to pack my phone and go to a Canada post with the QR code I had in the...

CR3 by Neighbour
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I received a defective iPhone 15. Spoke to Telus around 17th October. I was told that the handset would be exchanged and to date, no one has called. I called Telus and Webstore many times but they keep giving false assurances that someone will call a...

SumitR by Just Moved In
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I’m in the most frustrating position at the moment. I’m currently and have been on the bring it back program. Ordered the iPhone 15 pro max online, received, using and went to find out how to return my old device. Never received a shipping label.I vi...

Got2btapp by Just Moved In
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Resolved! activations fee

why on every new phone there is a activation fee when already customer? I find this annoying. Thanks

HOTROD2023 by Friendly Neighbour
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free up grade

so today went to get a new phone the rep said sorry no one called from Loyaltee I called today and the rep was really rude from Telus to me 2 times in a row. If I hear her answer again do I right to hang up and call back to someone else? I hope calls...

HOTROD2023 by Friendly Neighbour
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