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Lost watch

New contract from just before xmas and lost my watch and cant find it...what can i do not to pay 400$ canselation fees

Tamm by Just Moved In
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New to 5G

Good morningnew to the world of 5 g and I’m just wondering living in a city like Ottawa, where nothing moves fast (See what I did there ?) what kind of speeds would be considered normal

Poor reception

Disappointing reception in Sherwood Park in “5G area” and also in Riverdale Edmonton today.I would expect better reception in greater Edmonton area with 5G capable phones. Often under water voice sound, dropped calls. Switched back again to LTE but s...

HWDG by Neighbour
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Overage charges

I just got my monthly phone bill from telus and it's $217. That's just for mobile service, home internet is another $110. That's over $300 for one month of data. The bill says I went $50 over on phone data usage. That's impossible. The past 2 months ...

Does Telus support eSim for Samsung galaxy s22

I would like to know whether I can buy eSim for Samsung galaxy s22 phone . Telus website confirm that S series released in 2021 and newer release support. However nearest store confirm that eSim is not working for any Samsung s series.Thankyou

Upender by Just Moved In
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Upgrading a Phone on Existing Family Plan

Hello Telus Neighborhood,I had some questions concerning upgrading my phone on an existing family plan, as the title suggests. Below is a summary of my situation.I currently have a Galaxy S8 phone (first purchased the year of initial release) while o...

Beom by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Hardware change for Motorola phone?

My wife got a call supposedly from Telus where the agent told her Telus was making changes that required "a new cable for her phone" and that someone could come to our house to do the repair. It was hard to understand the agent who had a very strong ...

johnwreece by Friendly Neighbour
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TELUS used to offer great services; I’ve been their customer for more than 10 years. I have few lines with them.However, today I lived the disappointment of my life; in an attempt to make them adjust a discrepancy in the bill -not a big deal, obvious...