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Can't port my numbers out of Telus

Just Moved In

I have a business account and a consumer account, 3 numbers that I want to move to Rogers. I've been trying all morning, actually almost 5 hours on hold between Rogers and Telus. It seems that the problem is with Telus. Rogers sends the port-in request, Telus does not send an approval SMS for confirmation. The Rogers request expires. I've done this 3 times on each number with no luck. Telus doesn't seem to know what's going on. The only advice they give is to wait for the SMS that never comes. My numbers are being held hostage!


Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hi @Mike-M  sorry to hear you're looking to leave.  To be able to port your number out there are a few conditions to be met if any applies to you it could be why the numbers cannot be ported.  Only active accounts can be ported out, the account has to be in good standing  and phone numbers must be in the same local calling area.  If none of those apply to you, you can contact our Port Team at 1-877-868-3587.  Thank you.