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Student plans

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I’m frustrated by the lack of reasonable data plans available for our son who is leaving for college.  The $72.50/month family plan is just too much!  Our family plan is already over $200 with internet & no tv!
We are getting hit on every level with vehicle insurance/fuel, books, tuition, rent +++.  
Telus always seems to be behind with rural internet, data & understanding that we can’t even access unlimited anything. 
Perhaps spending money on rural access & better plans instead of animal commercials would be more effective!



Mamaknows ..


At risk of being a shill for Telus ( never been an employee and have no financial interest) you might consider one of Telus' "flanker brands" such as Koodo or Public. These are discount brands owned by Telus which use the Telus network. Koodo, for instance, offers monthly plans similar to the standard Telus offerings as well as prepaid plans.


A $35 Koodo prepaid plan offers 2.5 Gigabytes of monthly data (3G) unlimited Canada wide calling, and unlimited messaging.


I am not familiar with Public but I see from their web site that they have a $55 student plan that offers 20GB (4G), unlimited national and International text messaging, and unlimited Canada wide calling.


A link to the Koodo web site is here -> Koodo 

A link to Public is here -> Public - Plans

A link to a a Wikipedia article regarding Flanker brands is here -> Fighter Brand ( aka Flanker Brand) 

A link to an article on the web site that goes into some detail regarding the 3 major Canadian carriers brands and offerings -> Cell Phone Guide - Bell vs Rogers vs Telus 



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Good advice.  Provide proof of FT Student status and a number of smaller carriers have ~$40 plans with better data.

Only in urban areas. Rural connections are still poor and even in small cities, it’s not good!


Yet, go to a third world country like Laos or Thailand where rural folks don’t use land lines because of the cost of bringing in the wires. Every farmer gets decent and cheap mobile coverage (incoming calls are free because the initiating caller pays for the call, no double dipping) because a few communications satellites cover the entire SE Asia region, not a million cell towers.

And, who am I to call them ‘third world’ when they beat the pants off of us at the communications game?

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I think it's really too much now.