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Clarification on moving to Telus Talk & Text

Just Moved In

I am unfortunately with Public Mobile, on an old flip phone.

1) There is a Telus plan: Nationwide Talk & Text 25.   Both the text and talk are called 'unlimited,' but there are notations:

"Long distance calls originating in Canada and terminating in either Canada or the U.S.A. (except Hawaii and Alaska) are charged $0.60 per minute in addition to local airtime."  So if I am in Hamilton and ring Toronto or London, is there a charge for long distance?  That seems inferior to the PM Unlimited Provincial Talk plan.


2)   Is there a connection fee for a new account on Telus?  (I had a Telus account about 10 years ago.)


3)  How do I port my phone # to Telus?


Thanks for any suggestions.



@Xenophon  I have telus talk and text / 365 /  $100  ----You have to put extra money on the plan for ld. Talk and text all you want locally but extra $ for long distance. I puta few dollars on for when we travel. We only text when on the road phone for local only. I also have data shut off on phone by telus don't need to google anything. Best go to a store for your other questions. 


1) AFAIK you own't be charged long distance. As long as the call terminates in Canada (Hamilton) to Toronto or London (I assume in Canada and not London the country) it will be a local call. It's Nationwide.


2) You can avoid this fee if you order and setup online. Sometimes reps can waive it but you have to ask beforehand.


3) You can port the number in through the portal when you click "Manage your number" under "Manage your services" when you go to view the plan for a number. You can only do this once per billing cycle.