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Resolved! Long delay when placing a call.

I start experiencing long delay when i try placing a call and phone in 4G mode after my phone updated to Nougat.I have Huawei EVA-L19. When i use WCDMA Only mode - there are no delay but i start missing calls. Calls goes strait to VM 80% of the time....

Resolved! Data overage charges

How or where can I find what Teuls will charge me for a data overages on my cel phone? I have gone over by 20 MB. I know I can add 300 MB data top up for $10.00 but don't know if this will be more than the charges for the mere 20. The top up doesn't ...

EG1 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! incoming daytime calls

I have the talk & text 180 rate plan. comes with 180 anytime local minutes and unlimited evenings and weekends. and unlimited texting. maybe to the states. I'm not sure.if I call someone at noon those minutes will come off my 180. but will it come of...

Resolved! Switching to old device with balance still on new device

This may be a stupid question but not 100% on this. I got a Samsung Galaxy S8 last year (2017) & it is now currently crapping out on me exactly 1 year later. I still have a 400 some dollar balance left on it. Can I just put my SIM card back into my o...

Resolved! No service despite Telus coverage map

Twsp 310 west of hwy 22. Coverage map says there should be service for most of this area, but I have driven through it and there was no service. Hearing that people in the area are having issues, especially with their smart hubs. Anyone heard anythin...

cdrybrown by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Cell phone service from the US

2 new cell towers have been built in Maple Falls & Glacier, Washington. Many Canadian customers can access T-Mobil but as a Telus customer I can not seem to. Will Telus customers be able to connect soon? There are many Canadians in this area with Rec...

DonnaB604 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! WiFi Calling

Every time I try to set up my new device for WiFi calling, the Telus mobility page says my number isn't in the system.

Phoenix by Neighbour
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Resolved! Unlocking sim code

Hi, I just registered here at the neighborhood. My question is that if possible to ask for the code to telus and unlock my moto g3 but I'm here in Philippines my aunt is currently having a vacation here and she give me this mobile but I can't use ano...

Imbey by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Prepaid SIM card online activation

I try to activate my newly purchased SIM card in m’y European iPhone 6 which is unlocked. The SIM card number is validated, but when I enter all the personal information, it doesn’t want to proceed further. I’ve been trying for 3 days (thinking the s...

AlexiaS by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Wifi Calling...

Can you guys please bring Wifi Calling to the Samsung Galaxy s9 please?

Dxnato by Just Moved In
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