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Any advice dealing with Telus mobility loyalty department

I'm really not happy with my service and plan. And the new phone I want is at both telus and Rogers. I only have 12 months left on my 3 year so I don't mind breaking contact.But before I jump ship I was wondering if anyone had some advice when dealin...

Resolved! 5G

Today the opposition parties asked the Prime Minister to ban Huawei from building the 5G network. However, Telus says "5G has arrived". Is 5G still coming, or is it already here? Thanks,Shane.

Shane by Leader
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In Stock (?)

Hello everyone, I recently ordered the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and while doing so the TELUS website said “available in stock online” but after going through and placing the order I was told in my confirmation email that my order would begin shipping withi...

Braxxo22 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Prepaid plan top-up receipt?

I currently have a pre-paid plan and I topped up some money. My credit card was charged for that amount as well as tax / service fees. If I look in my transaction history on the website, only the top-up amount shows up. Where can I get a sales receip...

leodw1200 by Just Moved In
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Starlink is a go! Time for real rural internet!

Very exciting day yesterday, the Feds gave Starlink the green light.I know the telus hub is capable of 130/30 in the three days before i got throttled.So is telus going to fix the Nat 3 issue, and open these boxes up to compete?Also it sounds like yo...

Buying a new phone but keeping the old plan

I am trying to order Iphone 12 Pro Max with the Bring it Back payment plan. The online ordering only give me an option to get a phone plan. However, I already subscribed the Peace of Mind Connect plan and I want to keep it (have a promotional discoun...

PeterT by Just Moved In
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It was a fun three days, but now i am throttled.

I thought I actually had something almost workable with the Telus Rural hub. For three days I have been getting 130down/30up with 30ms ping. But today is the day the artificial brakes came on. I now have 24.7down/13up 21ms ping, even though my cell p...

NAT 2 on Cellphone, NAT 3 on Smart HUB?

Disclaimer: I am an Industrial PLC Programmer / Network Technician. I bought a Telus smart hub for internet in a rural location. I know in the disclaimer they say that it cannot be used for P2P gaming.But I do wonder the actual technical reason for t...

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