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Never process a trade in online, even if there is an good trade in bonus credit.

The only reason I completed my trade in online was for the bonus credit because duh. I have gotten confirmation that they have already gotten my old device back in Oct. and was told by webstore phone agents that I would get my credit by my Dec bill. I did not. I have called in today, multiple times because the first agent hung up on me after confirming that everything I am saying to him is correct, and only to be told on the second call that the agent was unable to confirm that what I am saying is true AFTER she read the information directly off of my invoice. I ask for a supervisor to speak with so I can get the issue resolved but apparently they don't have supervisors and will need to send an email out to one to get in contact with me. What a joke. Agent would not provide a case number for me to refer to either, so clearly taking the issue seriously. 

Finally thr end result is the agent does not know anything about what to do or how to help and provides an address to send an email to for direct contact for trade in support. That should have been done the first time I called in Nov. about it.

Telus webstore staff training needs to be seriously reviewed and their access to a support team/information or direct to supervisor needs to happen because I again say, What. A. Joke.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Tkbest 

We are sorry to hear that! 

We do not have access to the account here in the community, however, if you didn't manage to get help, please send contact us on Facebook or Twitter and we'll look into it.