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Family Account

My spouse and I have separate accounts, linked so I can see them both to pay the monthly bills for both. We are interested in the family account so we can save some money with the family discount. We are also both due for device upgrades. Question about the best way to do this. I can only add one device to my cart at a time- so I'm thinking of going through the motions and upgrading my device and plan, add to the cart, finish checkout. Then go and add a new line which would be his phone and plan. But what about his existing account? Is there a way to transfer that as the new line or does he get a new account number new phone number and everything when I add a new line to my account? Very confused. Thanks in advance 🙂

Community Manager
Community Manager

@sdfjhg Given that scenario, you can add-a-line and port your partner's number at any time after which point it'll be one account with two subscriber lines (same account number but two separate lines and numbers). I hope this helps!