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Contacting Telus


I'm on an EPP plan.  Does anyone know a way of contacting Telus other than by phone?  I don't have time to wait 2 hours + on hold.  There doesn't seem to be any live chat anymore and it refers me to an EPPCare e-mail address.  But the e-mail address doesn't work either -- I just get an automated message telling me to use the chat that no longer works!


Meanwhile the device I ordered is apparently lost.  I did wait the 2 hours + only to be told by the rep to wait some more so no help at all.  I've got 2 community members here trying to get answers now (thanks again, if you see this!).  But now I've received my latest bill from Telus and of course they're charging me me for the new device that is lost in transit.  I will NOT pay for goods not received.  Yet I can't even contact Telus to resolve the situation.  Unbelievable that a national carrier is so bad.  What needs to be done to get their attention?!? 



Thats interesting I am having the exact same issue I am about to start the hold process for the webstore this morning 1-866-488-2709. My phone was supposedly shipped on nov 22 lol still not one can give me any answers so now I'm trying the 

Webstore that the woman at telus gave me yesterday. I will try to post back here with my results or lack of results once I'm done 🙄

Just Moved In

Where do I find an e-mail to contact Telus. this is ridiculous. I spent half hour on phone with no help and want to e-mail them,  going to switch back to Shaw yet grrrrr