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Non Telus phone / BYOD unable to use RCS Chat feature


Hey Everyone!

My partner has the Samsung Galaxy S10 on TELUS have had RCS chat features enabled.

I had a Samsung Galaxy S10 on Freedom Mobile and had RCS chat features enabled.


I switched to TELUS and brought my phone over / BYOD plan and can see RCS, in Google Messages, however the chat options is now completely removed from my message settings.



All 4 phones in my family were not purchased from Telus and RCS/Chat works on all of them.

The issue may be in the Messages app itself.

Specifically try the section:

Clear Storage for Carrier Services, Google Messages

There are se changes being made to RCS by Google. Not all of the carriers are caught up yet. However, BYOD's are not treated equal on the Telus Network. If the s10 is a W (Canadian model). Things like VoLTE and WiFi Calling will work. If the s10 is a non-Canadian model, you will eventually lose access to VoLTE, WiFi Calling, and 5G. Telus has restricted never device models from functioning equally on the Telus Network and that hit my OnePlus 8T back in January of 2023. VoLTE and 5G worked before for a year and a half but I was locked out of using those by Telus because my device model was not "vetted" by Telus and was told by a Telus Network Engineer that it would not be. BYOD's are purposely crippled by Telus!


It's not exactly as @Syaoran says.

I have 4 BYOD devices and 3 are blocked from VoLTE and WiFi calling but the other one isn't because it's a model that Telus also carries. So it's not a problem with BYOD per se, it's whether the model is/was carried by TELUS.  Regardless, it's not a good situation. ☹️

My s23 Ultra from T-Mobile USA is blocked from using VoLTE and WiFi Calling for Telus. Even when the device is running the Canadian W firmware. I will also be blocked from roaming in the US with my s23 Ultra by Telus because they won't allow my Telus number to use VoLTE, even if roaming on to the carrier the device was purchased from.