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Will have Telus for TV/Internet and wondering about a mobile option


Just curious moving into a new condo in Alberta and will get some new services with Telus; got a pretty good deal that I was told I could get more if I ended up going on telus/koodo for mobile service.


I currently am on phonebox / rogers and it's extremely cheap as I don't use a lot of data; like I pay 30 for 10 GB with standard canada calling and texts on 4G/5G.


I don't see much on koodo or telus that would offer that anywhere near that to offer the same sort of deal even with the extra savings on my bill for moving.


Any suggestions ?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey! We do have a lot of bundle options for signing up with our Mobility service. We've got a few options here. You can either reach out to our Mobility team directly at 1-866-558-2273 to have them look into what's available, or you can send me a PM here and I can collect your info to arrange for a callback from our Sales team directly!