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My Telus email Is down

It is bouncing back emails and when I try and log in it says my password is invalid. I have attempted to change the password and it work and accepts the change but then when I try and log in it says the password is invalid. I tried calling today but ...

Super Slow Internet

Hello Neighbours! I have been using Telus internt 25 for about three or four months and it has been good. But those last few days internet is very very slow. (I am ok as long as a page loaded in a min so I don't think I am complaining unfairly). If y...

Resolved! Actiontec t3200m - Advanced Features - DHCP & IPv6 DNS

Is it possible to do the following with the Actiontec T3200M: 1. Disable DHCPI know I am able to set DHCP reservations, but I would like to disable this feature as I have my own server I would like to use for DHCP. 2. Set the IPv6 DNS serverI have se...

Telus mobility phone hub

We live in a rural area and have recently purchased a Telus mobility phone hub. The wifi signal is showing red and I am wondering if this could be because we are waiting for our phone number to be changed over from Xplornet or do we need to buy a boo...

Resolved! T3200M and 3rd Party Router

Hello, I'm a new Telus customer. We just had the service installed and I'm trying to improve the internet speed on my WiFi network using a 3rd party router.First things first. Hardwired to the Telus T3200M I get good speed 900mbps.T3200M is in the me...

MNZS by Friendly Neighbour
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To migrate my e-mail account they say they will text me when it's done. I don't have a cell phone nor am I willing to give a friends number to get my e-mail.I also don't want to buy a phone just for this.

captcarl by Organizer
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