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Are TELUS techs able to run new coaxial TV wiring on installation?

Just Moved In

We're moving in to a townhouse next month and plan to use the PureFibre service. We'd like for the ONT to be installed in the basement, but plan to have a TV set top box on the third floor that would likely be unreachable through wireless alone. 


I'd like to use MoCA adapters to distribute the traffic from the router in the basement through the existing coaxial TV cabling to the other floors, but there isn't a coax cable already run to the basement from the central splitter where the ONT would be installed.


My question: is the TELUS tech able to run a new coax cable for us from the basement to that splitter at installation time? Or is this something we'd have to hire a contractor for separately before the installer arrives? Thanks



@FlattyCat  Telus runs wire to  demarcation box on outside of house all inside wiring belongs to you. The ont placement as a rule will be closest point. I understand if they have to do inside work previous to virous was $120 per hour. If your router can be on second floor You should have good signal on third. With the virous there is remote install no entry by tel techs .Polecat