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Telus Fibre not available

Just Moved In

Currently using Telus Gigabyte Internet but the place I'm moving to has only an option of copper Internet 15 or 25 at the same price.


I'd love to use Telus if things are reasonable to the place where I'm moving, but since there is a significant difference between the old & new plans,  I have no option to use another provider.


It totally doesn't make sense to use the slowest plan at the same price that I was using Gigabyte.


But to cancel the plan, I have to pay penalties(early cancellation fees) regarding the term contracts.


What do you think I should do?







Community Power User
Community Power User

I believe the best you can get is Internet 75 over copper. I have his and I'm pretty happy considering fibre is not an option where I am. Can't hurt to ask if they can offer that for the same price as your current plan.


I ran into a similar issue when I moved from a fibre area to a copper only area and was able to negotiate a reduced rate for internet 100 from 300. I told them it didn’t seem fair to pay the same price and they agreed. The only difference to my situation is that Shaw is available in my area and it sounds like you don’t have that option.