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Resolved! Slow download on wired.

So I tested my download speed with the mode utility tool on a wired connection and it's giving me 7MBPS, My plan is supposedly for 75, turned off all wireless functions, any suggestions before I wait for 3 hours on the phone?

Resolved! How to cancel unlimited internet add-on

I would like to cancel the unlimited internet add-on but I cannot find a page to request that in the My Account section of the Telus website. Do I need to call them or is there a way to do that online? Appreciate any information!

mkiyota by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Forum searching

I may be crazy, but I'm almost positive that this forum used to have a way to search posts. Did it get removed, or am I just out to lunch on this? If it did get removed, why?

ZTE MF 288 File Server Access over VPN denied

I am having trouble connecting to a file server at a remote location over our VPN. When connected to my home network and Internet via Telus Wifi and Fibre using a Mac I can connect to the VPN then login to the server. Switching the computer to an Int...

SteveG by Just Moved In
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Telus Install Technician Contact

Hi, I am looking to speak directly to a Telus Fiber Install Tech. The Telus phone support does not have the information that I am looking for. The only way to contact a tech is if you know one already or if they have left a card from a previous insta...

gooses89 by Just Moved In
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Wifi boosters, modem and smart switch

HelloI have a Telus t3200 modem with two frequency 2.4 and 5. But there are setup in garage so to get connectivity till the top floorI have 2 boosters installed which run on their own separate network and all my devices are connected to that. So I wa...

Aryan by Neighbour
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Resolved! Telus WiFi Hubs listed as targets of attack

From this article: "...once exploited, the vulnerability can be used to bypass authentication procedures on affected routers and modems to enable the Telnet servic...

stampeder by Friendly Neighbour
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