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Telus promotions - phone and internet plan - Is it a scam ?

Just Moved In
I've been receiving phone calls saying it is from Telus promotions, for the last couple of weeks.
They seemed very legit and the plan seemed very true. The only reason I had believed it was because my husband had got such an offer previously from a different service provider and it was legit.
But anyway, they sent me an email from [email protected] and I totally thought it was legit.
They were asking me for my full name, email and address, and I gave it to them.
But then they asked me for my credit card details and I said I wont give it to them as it is private information and I dont want to go ahead with the offer.
I am not sure if this is a Scam, but wanted to report this.

Also, once I said a No and cut the call, I started getting continuous calls from other numbers. I picked one and there was a guy on the other side who asked me if my name was this, and if I worked for telus ?

If this is a scam, seems to be a complicated scheme. Not sure if they are spoofing phone numbers.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. This email is not associated with TELUS and is not legitimate. Unfortunately with number spoofing, etc. there are a number of these scams floating about. You did the right thing by checking in with us here.