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Internet data usage warning emails?

I'm on the 150 gb internet plan. The last six months whenever I get around to 130 gb, Telus sends me an email saying I have used 95%. If I get to 135, I get another email saying I have hit over my monthly cap and will be billed overage charges. Thing...

Pokitaru by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Switch from fiber back to copper

My TV/Internet fiber is down for the third straight day. Can I switch back to a copper connection which was much more reliable?

Greg15 by Just Moved In
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hdmi switch compatible with UIW8001

hi there, I just wanted another tv box for the front room... turns out they came and re-installed just about everything and now nothing else I have works! my system was older and so now I have optical cable into the house and a UIW8001 set top box. t...

Blocking unwanted phone calls.

I have Call Screening on my landline phone but the number or numbers that call are from outside of the country and can't be added to the list. How do I stop them from calling?

Dogs2 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Latency lag on video games

Yo so I’ve been having really bad connection to servers when I play multiplayer games online but I have an average of 60mbps download and 15 upload, we got a new router expecting this to fix it and other issues we had, but I still have really bad con...

Jaohow by Neighbour
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Bassano Internet sever status

I'm wondering if there is infrastructure upgrades in my town or what is going on with Internet service in Bassano albeta. I pay for fastest speed and unlimited data cap but the dsl link hasn't been stable for more then a few hours for over a week. To...

Callum by Just Moved In
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Resolved! DVD Player

How do I connect my old DVD player so I can watch DVDs on my optik TV? I’m basically technologically illiterate so assume I know nothing

Lia_lia by Just Moved In
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