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WiFi 6

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I currently have Pure Fibre Gigabit Internet (1000 Speed) and have the white cylinder Telus Wifi Hub. Telus came out with their new 2500 speed internet and are advertising wifi 6 technology. To the best of my knowledge, I am pretty sure wifi 6 has to do with the equipment rather than the speed. So I asked Telus to send me the new equipment and they ended up sending me the black advanced modem called T3200M. I am pretty sure this modem is old instead of new and doubt it has wifi 6. Can someone who works at Telus or who has any knowledge on this please elaborate. There has got to be a new device or something that they have that has wifi 6. Please don't tell me just upgrade to 2500 speed as that is not what I am trying to do. I am simply trying to achieve wifi 6 through telus. 


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You are correct that the T3200M is not a Wi-Fi 6 device. If Telus has released a Wi-Fi 6 router, it should be an update to the cylindrical Arcadyan router, or an entirely new device.


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I installed TELUS gigabit network last week and got a white cylindrical HUB, which is obviously not a Wi-Fi 6 device. It is 802.11AC and not 802.11AX

Call telus loyalty and ask them to send you a telus central wifi ax. Got mine for $0


Yes, they did come out with a new wifi 6 access point but are only installing it in select test areas.


I just got the new telus central wifi ax(wifi 6) my feedback is i dont like it as it has a separate name and password they cant be linked as one. So its my choice which device i would like to connect to wifi hub or wifi 6