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1080p signal cuts out but 1808i or 720p works

Hello, I have an Arris VIP5602W box and a 1080p projector and if I try to get the box to output a 1080p signal, I get snow/pixelation/black screen/cutting out of audio. However, if I choose 1080i or 720p, there are no issues with the video or audio. ...

Optik tv timer

Hi: I’ve been trying to find a way to automatically shutdown my Optik Tv box at 12am so my kids don’t stay up all night. I can do it manually by shutting down 5g wireless on the router, but need a n auto method as I go to bed earlier than the kids. I...

PVR Rebooting a lot

I just got Optik TV 2 days ago and yesterday the PVR box kept rebooting for no reason. Is this normal after a new install or is there something wrong with the box?

Ksabo by Just Moved In
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CityTV On Demand - Missing or Unavailable Episode - Manifest

Manifest, Season 1, Episode 11 is 'Unavailable. Try Again Later.' I have tried over the past 12 hours, still can't load the episode, but it will load the next Episode 12. I don't want to continue without seeing Episode 11.

MaggieB by Just Moved In
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4K Optik TV boxes - No Audio after exiting YouTube

I have 2 different 4K Optik TV boxes. One is an Arris 4K TV box and the other is a Cybertan/Technicolor 4K TV box. When either one of those 4K TV boxes exits YouTube on channel 322, the audio stops working, The only way to resolve this issue is to re...

Exhile by Ambassador
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Hi there, My living room TV cuts out every 5 minutes or so. I have a brand new 4k TV and brand new 4k pvr. I'm a new telus customer with the fibre technology. My bedroom tv which has the regular (non 4K) pvr doesn't do this. I have tried restarting t...

Tara1971 by Neighbour
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Remote Control

Can I get my remote replaced? the fast forward button does not work.

BC73RS by Just Moved In
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At 8:10 pm all my Optic channels became scrambled, including recordings, on demand ,etc. I tried re-booting, No change, still scframbled. Not the TV. YouTube app works fine.

Minky by Ambassador
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Wireless TV Box

Is there a way to disable the wireless function of the tv box placed in the garage? Instead I use the existing coaxial cable for connection to my tv in the bed room upstairs?

Skinny by Just Moved In
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Initializing digital box

My secondary wireless optik box said it needed to initialize so I put it through the paces. Now it's stick on the "this will only take a moment" screen forever and forever. I've tried all the suggested steps. Powering down, unplugging and restarting ...