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Optik TV box vs Apple TV

Just Moved In

I am looking at buying the latest Optic TV box, but have a couple of questions.

1. do. you actually need the Telus box to watch Telus TV?

2. do I have to have the optic box to record and watch recordings on Apple TV?

3.. do I need the optik box to record/watch programs on Apple TV? ( i.e. one optic box for each TV in the house?)




Community Power User
Community Power User

I believe this is the current state of affairs.


Regardless of the route you go you will get a Telus set top box when you sign up for Optik TV.


1. No. You can watch and schedule recordings through the phone app, the web or a set top box that supports the Optik TV app.

2. No. Recordings are in the cloud. See 1 for how to watch or record.

3. Depends on your TV's. I believe you could use AirPlay, if your TV supports it, from a device with the Optik TV app installed. Otherwise you will need a box per TV.

Community Power User
Community Power User

I think that you need to pay extra to record if you only get the Core package.