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Optik on the Go App will not let me login or reset password

I have used the optik on the go app a few times before without any problems. Now when I go to login, it tells "the Log-in Information you provided is not valid. Please try again." which may be true. I have tried every password it could be, and will n...

Resolved! Any update in sight for PVR firmware?

The firmware update for the CIS430 PVR last year really did a number on it. Now menus take upwards of 5 seconds to appear sometimes, and the reformatting of menus to the left side of the screen means that it can be cut off when you're trying to TV ch...

Queuing recordings on playback

Is there anyway to que multiple recordings to playback on an optik box. It seems odd that playback's default is to stop at the end of the recording. I would love if it just started playing the next recording of that show, just like Crave does, well i...

Ordering channels

i would like to order HBO Canada so I can watch G.O.T

Why do you keep updating my Customized Guide with OnDemand Content?

TELUS, I'm really tired of you updating my guide with your advertising for OnDemand content. I have meticulously gone through the "Customize your Guide", removed all the channels I don't get and those I don't care to see, but every few days you add m...

JimC by Just Moved In
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Optik Information bar showing too long

When I am surfing and see something on the preview square at the corner, and I see its something of interest (usually a news headline) I go to that channel, but when I do - the bar Telus/Optik puts on showing the channel, show, etc., stays on way too...

cdncole by Just Moved In
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Netflix not loading

Netflix stops after selecting something to watch. Won't work with telus app or through my smart TV. Never had this issue with Shaw!

Mousey420 by Just Moved In
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BeIN Sports guide

The optic TV guide again this weekend doesn't show the upcoming motorcycle races yet they can be found by searching and have to be manually recorded. I don't buy the a previous post that this is caused by the lack of BeIN updates as it can be found b...

viewer by Friendly Neighbour
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