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Satellite TV & Weather Network: Can't set up the local weather

Hello,I've just recently gotten Telus Satellite TV. When I'm on the Weather Network, I can't seem to find any way to set up the local weather to view it. Is there any way of doing this? If not, is there any reasoning why. Really wanting to set up the...

How do I stop the TV from pixilating on Pvr

In Pvr I find the playback is bad quality and it pauses and stops it really bad. Just got system and it is on both wired and wireless. The intranet is same fast them slow. I have done the normal power off crap not fixing

Optik TV - heavy compression

I hate to flog a dead horse here, but I just switched to Optik TV (again) and I'm noticing that there's a considerable amount more compression compared to Shaw. I still have Shaw and have been doing comparisons and the Shaw channels don't seem to suf...

What are the latest model numbers for the Optik PVR and HD terminals?

Got several answers from Telus (yikes) and now I have no idea. I believe they are:PVR: 7150HD Terminals: 7100But I've been told 430 and 7050 too. Just give me the right answer man!I would like to purchase the latest so I can get the 4 simultaneous HD...

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Teletoon Retro going away?

I just noticed that teletoon retro is going off the air after today. Will you be replacing this channel in the basic package with anything similar?