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Resolved! optik tv channels disappearing

I had several shows scheduled to record on Treehouse, but it seems to now be replaced by Disney. However the shows are still set to be recorded as if the channel is still there. I have the basic tv package which when I log into my account doesn't lis...


Discovery has recently unveiled their new "DiscoveryGO" app. I often watch tv using Telus Optik on my iPad & I've seen ads promoting this new app. When are Telus customers going to be allowed to access the locked content on the DiscoveryGO app? I kno...

Tobielee by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Replacing an Optik Wireless box remote, do I need a service call?

Hello. I have a dachshund who likes to chew. One thing that was done in last night, was the remote to the wireless optik box. Can I just take it to a Telus store for replacement, or do I have to have a service call?

Zman2k2 by Ambassador
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4K PVR install

Just wondering what to expect for the 4K PVR install. I can't seem to find many pictures online for this new PVR. I see a few from bell. It looks like there is no coax port on the back. How does it get installed if no Ethernet outlet by tv. Thanks fo...

4K Package and Price

It's literally day three on Optik TV and I just realized that I'm not subscribed to the 4K channel package. They gave me a 4K PVR but did not include TSN 4K and another 4K channel. How much does this package cost?

Linking Optik Tv App without Telus Internet?

I have Telus Optik TV, but do not have Telus internet. I'm trying to connect to my Optik digital boxes with the Optik TV app on my iPad / iPhone, but the connection always fails. When I choose the option to "Link to a new digital box" it does seem to...

Chris632 by Just Moved In
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Optik TV & Internet 150/150 Connected - Questions

Got TV and Internet connected.  All good on those two fronts but two outstanding issues remaining. - Lost my home phone connection.  Telus tech said I was provisioned to stay on Copper and not converted to Fibre.  The support group is troubleshooting...

Optik TV fluctuating volume on Samsung TV

The volume on both my Samsung TVs fluctuates considerably when watching a program or recording.It does not matter which channel or program I am watching.Volume will suddenly increase or decrease in the middle of a program (not during commercials).It ...

Resolved! PVR Recordings not working

My Optic TV Box is working well for everything except for the PVE Recordings. When I press "rec TV" a message pops up that "The Recordings list is unavailable. Make sure this digital box and PVR are connected to the network". Now none of my recording...

Hi by Just Moved In
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